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Commissioned research

Commissioned research

Traditionally, analysis and coverage of listed companies has served banks’ internal functions, focusing on large corporations and a very limited group of investors. Our philosophy is that analysis should be available to all investors and companies.

Our purpose is to connect investors and listed companies and to create genuine and authentic connection between them.

Commissioned Research and Inderes Ecosystem

The main tasks of our Commissioned research service is to analyze the information produced from the business activities of the companies we follow and to communicate our conclusions to investors in an understandable form.

We want to create genuine interaction in the investor community and the integration of the Commissioned research content on enables a wide reach and high level of commitment among the investor community.

Reach of Inderes Commissoned Research

  • The platform has over 75,000 active users.
  • Commissioned Research content is published on the platform as well as on channels of our partner network, ensuring wide reach also outside of the platform.

Engagement of Inderes Commissioned Research

  • Commissioned Research content published on the platform is optimized to reflect the interests of investors.
  • Notifications and alerts ensure that the most recent content reaches the investor community
  • Analysts producing company-specific analysis participate in dialog with investors on the Inderes discussion Forum.

Strengths of Inderes Commissioned Research

Company-related content with wide reach and high engagement add

  • Publication of analysis on (over 75,000 active users)
  • Distribution of analysis in partner network channels, including Bloomberg, Nordnet, and Kauppalehti
  • Investor-specific targeting and optimization of content on the platform
  • Alerts and notifications to company’s followers

Award-winning Analyst Team add

2020 TOP 10 Nordic countries:

  • Juha Kinnunen (2nd place)
  • Olli Koponen (4th place)
  • Petri Kajaani (5th place)
  • Atte Riikola (7th place)
  • Petri Gostowski (9th place)
  • Sauli Vilén (10th place)

Strong customer satisfaction and retention add

  • Roughly 70% of companies on the Helsinki Stock Exchange use Inderes Commissioned Research
  • Churn mainly due to acquisitions

Developing investor relations with Commissioned Research add

  • Analytics, data and feedback collected from analyses to develop investor relations
  • Participation of analysts in the discussion on the Inderes Forum
  • Embedded analyses and video content on the company's own investor site

Contact information

Sauli Vilén

+358 44 025 8908